Since graduating from University, I have a lot more time now to think and reflect on my life and the reason behind my actions. When you’re caught up in all the deadlines, partying, and bullshit of being a student there’s little time for self-reflection This is the reason why I always enjoyed breaks from school and vacations because of the time to just relax and reflect. School was always great for me since I was being told what to do the entire time. Finish this project, study for this test, get good grades so you can go to more school. But rarely did I have a chance to ask myself why I’m doing these things and whether I’m doing them for me or for someone else. The reality is, you’ll always give yourself a reason to put off this reflection because it can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Why are you studying so hard? Why do you go to the gym almost every day? What’s the point of impressing people? When I look deep down to my answers to these questions, I’m not proud of them. The truth is, for most of my life it seems like I’ve been focused on myself at the neglect of others. More about you and less about me is a mantra that came to mind today that I’d like to focus on from now on. There’s always people in need of help, and I see them every day, especially when I go to the gym. Inside, I deeply want to walk over and help them, but its hard to break out of my comfort zone and to embrace the fear when I’m assuming the worst. This is okay though, everyone has fears, and even if the person rejects your offer, you should remind yourself that you’ll always feel better knowing that you tried then doing nothing at all. Doing nothing gets you nothing. The small ounce of courage is more than enough, and slowly it will build into something more.

Navigating through this world with uncertainty but excitement. [Software Engineer]

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