Ramblings from Work Vol. 1

Since I graduated I’m torn on how I feel on the progress I’ve made as a person. On one hand, I’ve continued my education through reading a bunch of books (most of which self-help, psychology, philosophy) and also about powerlifting. At the same time, I feel like my career hasn’t been moving at the pace I want it to. I work a great job for a great organization, have the benefits, make enough money to survive, but something’s always missing with my career. I don’t expect everything to be fine and dandy, but it seems like there might be more out there.

I don’t know whether I’ve created something I’m missing or whether that this absence actually exists. In other words, is my ego anxious about the uncertainty of my life or should I simply just accept it and live in the presence? Looking at the previous sentence it seems like the latter is the right way to go. The paradox of choice, whatever you want to call it, is that if I want to, I can become anything I want (physician, entrepreneur, actor, car sales man, anything). I don’t fear failing as much as I do making the wrong choice. I have all these options, and I’m paralyzed by making the wrong choice. I don’t want to look back on life and wonder what if I did this or that. I have to remind myself to not look so far and fear mistakes because all you have is the present moment.

Afraid of making a mistake is worse than actually making one because it is through trial and error where you grow. I’m trying to throw myself out there now days, take my fears head out, and make mistakes because I know that in the end this is where the most growth will occur, and I challenge you to do the same.

Navigating through this world with uncertainty but excitement. [Software Engineer]

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