At my last month of Lambda School, I got to work on an intriguing project called Reach LMS. According to the stakeholder:

Reach LMS is an open-source learning management system designed for the developing world. Reach lets organizations offer education and training to anyone — whether they’re working from a laptop in a city center or a solar-charged flip phone in a remote village.

In other words, Reach increases the scope of education and allows people who are less fortunate to access valuable information.

Since there was no code to build off of, my team and I were responsible for…

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Your heroes reflect your values. Tell me who you look up to and that’s the star you’re shooting for. The issue is that even when we have heroes and role models that set examples, we unfortunately fall short of our expectations. In worst cases, we don’t even try because of some form of fear. As a result, we go through life with resentment, bitterness, unfulfilled. This is a life of suffering that no one wants.

What Suffering Will You Choose? (Jordan Peterson)

The buddha said that life is suffering. What about working tireless with the goal of helping others? You could argue that this is suffering too…

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It was 7:45am and I thought I had arrived early. As I turned the knob and entered the room, I was surprised to see it full. All heads turned towards me and my face flooded red. I always got embarrassed by attention but also enjoyed it. I could not help but laugh inside because I felt like I was in a movie.

It was the day of my MCAT. The tension in the room was so high you could cut it with a knife. Everyone was nervous, including myself. You could see it on their faces. Only a premed would…

Hey guys, It’s been a while. My last post was November 17th, 2016, and today, it is February 9th, 2020. What a wild ride. If my memory is correct, when I sent my last post, I was living in Portland, Oregon and with my last girlfriend. I’m working as a research assistant at OHSU and unsure about my future. One of these is this still true.

Packing up my bags, I drive 20 hours down the I-5 through Oregon, California, and eventually ending up in Phoenix, Arizona. Since landing in Phoenix, so much has happened to me that it is…

I’ll do it tomorrow when I have time. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I’m too tired. I have to wake up early tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment. I promise I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start Monday. I’ll have time on the weekends. I’ll wake up earlier.

I’ve used every one of these excuses and a hundred more to procrastinate from the tasks I know I should do. The most incredibly difficult challenge in the world to overcome is starting.. and I just can’t do it. I’ve been in a rut. I’ve been in a rut for some time now…

Since graduating from University, I have a lot more time now to think and reflect on my life and the reason behind my actions. When you’re caught up in all the deadlines, partying, and bullshit of being a student there’s little time for self-reflection This is the reason why I always enjoyed breaks from school and vacations because of the time to just relax and reflect. School was always great for me since I was being told what to do the entire time. Finish this project, study for this test, get good grades so you can go to more school…

Since I graduated I’m torn on how I feel on the progress I’ve made as a person. On one hand, I’ve continued my education through reading a bunch of books (most of which self-help, psychology, philosophy) and also about powerlifting. At the same time, I feel like my career hasn’t been moving at the pace I want it to. I work a great job for a great organization, have the benefits, make enough money to survive, but something’s always missing with my career. …

I don’t know where to start but this blog will mostly likely be an expression of my interests, thoughts, and insights in this world. I’m simply writing out of enjoyment, I’m not sure who will read this but helping or inspiring others through this would be an added bonus.

I’m currently drinking coffee at 9:30pm and am about to head to the gym. Parkinson’s law is in full effect, but I think it’s time for a change. I once read somewhere that if your in a rut do something different. I guess this is it.



Navigating through this world with uncertainty but excitement. [Software Engineer]

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